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Filing Chapter 13 in Arizona

You may be struggling with debt, but that does not mean you are looking to start over. Many people just want to find a way to save their home and get some relief during a difficult time, so they can pay back their creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide you with immediate relief and a long-term financial plan.

At Carmichael & Powell, P.C., our Phoenix Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers have been helping individuals and families across Arizona stop foreclosure and get debt relief for more than three decades. At our firm, you will work with the same attorney throughout the bankruptcy process. And as a full-service boutique firm, you will receive the high level of service you deserve.

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to individuals and sole proprietors of businesses. When you file for Chapter 13, you will get the chance to renegotiate your debt. Considering your salary and expenses, we will work with your creditors to create a three- to five-year payment plan you can actually afford. Once your payment plan is complete, any remaining dischargeable debt you have will be wiped clean.

Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 13 bankruptcy may not give you a fresh start right away, it will allow you to keep many of your most important assets, such as your home and vehicle. If you have a second mortgage on your home, you may be able to remove it completely. Chapter 13 allows you to rebuild at your own pace. You will also get immediate relief through an automatic stay, which will put an immediate stop to foreclosure and wage garnishment the moment you file.

Providing prompt and professional service to clients for more than 40 years, our attorneys are ready to help you through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Contact us today to talk to an attorney and learn more.

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